Where To Find QR Code In Microsoft Outlook? Complete Guide

QR Code In Microsoft Outlook

Where To Find QR Code In Microsoft Outlook, the QR code stands for “Quick Response” is an innovative way of storing information in a hierarchical pattern. This can be easily read by devices with internet access, including mobile phones and tablets.

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Is QR Code really helpful for Microsoft Outlook Users?

Outlook add-in allows you to generate QR codes directly. Now with this simple Outlook tool you can easily capture any content from Outlook email links and put it straight into your mobile phone using QR codes.

For instance, if somehow you are still clinging to the idea that “every picture tells a story”, how about viewing images in the same format as they were created? Impress your friends with amazing images, logos, signs, business cards, websites, product barcodes… whatever comes to mind really.

Where To Find QR Code in Microsoft Outlook?

A QR code feature is available as an add-in for Microsoft Office Outlook, which will enable you to scan and process QR codes without leaving the Office interface.

Firstly open Outlook then Click Home and Get Add-ins


Outlook Add-ins basket dialog box appears, enter QR code in Search Bar and hit Enter

Qr Code

Now click Add to add the QR codes for Outlook

Qr Code for Outlook

An orange image of a QR code has been added to the top-right part of the home ribbon area.

How QR Code in Outlook Works?

QR codes can serve a number of purposes – they can be used to store an extensive amount of topical information such as topical details such as names, addresses, web links and phone numbers.

Smartphones and tablets are commonly equipped with cameras, which take photos that can easily be read using the image recognition technique.

Once you have installed the Scan QR Code Add-In in your Outlook, you can simply click on emails in your inbox that require tickets to be assigned to them. The assign ticket function Scan widget will appear in the upper right corner of your screen

Grab a Qr Code

If there is no link available from an email you will receive a chat notification saying:

“There are only attachment links found in this email and not any pdf text file links. All attachments must be uploaded to the cloud and the QR Code for Text File Links should be created via the Generate QR Code button.”

In some scenarios, the email you get will contain information and links. Clicking on the QR code add-in that comes with this detailed report will open up your own report in front of your eyes while at the same time allowing you to scan it using your QR scanning software.

QR Code Setting

The QR Code in Outlook section consists of the following few settings:

The AR and QR code generators can be easily switched from one to the other. The resizing ability is also a helpful function for allowing accurate cutting of your pattern without too much time or effort or making tragic mistakes

Qr Code Settings

How To Add QR Codes in Email Signatures?

Creating a signature in Outlook is actually quite fun. Firefox has added yet another feature that allows users to insert QR codes into their signatures with no problem at all. You might think that people would be weary of scanning such a code, but good news: they’re not.

We have a step by step process that’s going to walk you through adding a QR code to your company email signature.

To create QR code for signature you can do it directly from your Gmail id.

Select the “contact” menu option and then fill out a form that explains what your query is about.


Generate QR code directly from your browser without downloading any software. When you generate QR code, you can specify the size, border color etc according to your own requirement.


Click here  to save  the file. Keep in mind  that when you are ready to print the QR code, make sure that you are using a  high-quality printer with a  thick enough ink casing.  Select one of the following formats.

Qr Signature Save

This is the end of the first step, the QR codes are generated and filled with proper data on the fly, so now it’s your turn to insert them into your present signature or create a new one.

Code in your email signature?

An Outlook Signature helps one’s brand stay put. And that’s especially the case when one adds contact details for easy access via QR codes — providing further opportunities to grow support across social channels, for example.

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