What is Denegram App And How To Download It?


The Denegram portable application is a cash trade courier that permits you to rapidly and securely trade cash among cards and by telephone number, split a record with companions, demand cash and request MTBank cards with free conveyance.

In the application, you can move cash among Visa and MasterCard cards of any Belarusian banks, as well as send cash to cards of 61 nations of the world.

The Denegram application is free.

Denegram is attached to the client’s telephone directory. The client chooses a contact: to whom he needs to send cash or from whom he needs to request cash. To do this, you don’t have to realize the bank card number, simply a telephone number.

Move to MTBank cards is free (some responsible banks might charge extra expenses for moves – check with the bank that gave the card).

While moving to cards of different banks, the application shows how much the commission. You generally know the expense of an interpretation before you make it.

Denegram stores no restricted intel (PINs, card numbers, CVV code). Cash is charged from the source’s card utilizing three dimensional Secure innovation.

Enlistment in the application

At the point when you initially download the Denegram application, you will be approached to enter a telephone number. A SMS with a code to affirm enrollment will be shipped off the predetermined number. You really want to enter the code and snap the “Proceed” button.

If for reasons unknown the code didn’t show up, the application can send another one.

Then make a PIN code to enter the application. For more prominent security, you can make a key, or skirt this progression.

Presently Denegram is prepared to send and get cash.

Add cards to the application

This should be possible in two ways.

1. Select “Cards” in the lower menu → add a card → you can enter card information physically, or examine through the camera → enter the name of the card and select a format.

Subsequently, you can add a few cards, and assign one of them as the primary one: tick “Eager for advancement principal” button. The fundamental card is presented as a matter of course when you are going to send or get cash.

2. On the primary screen, select “To card” → enter the card number physically, or examine through the camera → in the event that you wish, save the card

Send cash

Denegram sends cash in two ways.

1.  By card number. To move, you want to realize the card number where the cash ought to go. On the off chance that this is a card of an unfamiliar bank, you likewise need to know the name and family name of the beneficiary in Latin.

2.  By telephone number. Select an individual from the contact list; the rundown in the application is your telephone directory. The individuals who as of now use Denegram are set apart with the application logo.

You can send cash even to the people who don’t have Denegram introduced at this point. The beneficiary of the installment will get a SMS with guidelines: for the clients of the application to enter the application and affirm the installment, for the rest – to involve the variant in the program at perevod.mtbank.by.

Demand cash

•  On the primary screen, click the “Solicitation” button.

•  Select an individual from the contact list. The rundown in the application is your telephone directory. The people who as of now use Denegram are checking with the application logo.

• Select the card you need to demand cash for → enter how much the solicitation, enter a message → click “Solicitation”

The contact will get a SMS with directions: for application clients to go to the application and affirm the solicitation, for others to download the application or utilize the program rendition at perevod.mtbank.by.

Share a typical score with companions

1. On the primary screen, select “Split”

2.  Enter how much the complete bill. To part the sum similarly, check the “Split Equally” checkbox

3.  Enter a directive for companions that will be shipped off them in the notice

4.  Add individuals from contacts. Regardless of whether a companion have a Denegram, it doesn’t make any difference. For this situation, the companion will get a SMS message with directions

View data pretty much all exchanges

All moves are noticeable on the History screen. Denegram shows to whom, when and the amount you sent or, alternately, got.



Denegram is courier for cash move administrations, which permits to move cash from any bank card to any bank card. Simply see as one another in the application by name or telephone number, pick how much cash move and inside two or three minutes Denegram will move the cash.

You don’t have to realize the card number of the individual you will send assets to. The application has proactively been joined to contacts in your telephone directory. You can send cash or request cash straight by telephone number and see the whole history of cash trade relations with different clients.

Capacities of Denegram are as per the following:

– Move and receipt of cash on bank cards of any Belarusian bank. Moreover, there is no commission for MTBank cards. – Money moves from MTBank cards to cards of the banks in CIS nations. – Online request of new MTBank cards. Then you can get them in the closest part of the bank or use messenger conveyance administration of the bank. – Choice of the card you will move cash from.

Download Denegram 2.0 App for iPhone / iPad Now

You can quickly download Denegram 2.0 iPhone / iPad app here by clicking the below download button. You will be taken to the official app download page of itunes store or App Store where you can download the app.

If you have any issues or problems in downloading or installing, please post a comment above and someone from our community may help you to fix it quickly.

Denegram 2.0’s latest stable version is 0.2, released on Jun 18, 2020. The app download size is 22.

How much does Denegram 2.0 cost and how to pre-order/buy it?

It is FREE to download and you can download it from App Store. As the app is already released, you can buy directly from the store.

Denegram 2.0 is banned in my country. Is it legal to access it via VPN?

It is completely Illegal to use an app (Denegram 2.0), while it is banned in your country. However, you can access for special reasons such as closing an account or getting your content / money from the app. You can use VPN of another country and access it. We strongly recommend not to use it with VPN as it may invite legal issues.

If you would like to access Denegram 2.0 using a VPN for some reasons, you may try one of a few listed VPNs below. These are top VPN services and tried and used by millions of users across the globe. Also they’re easy, faster and provide complete support and security while using them.

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