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BECA Splash – Brevard Electronic Court Application



DISCLAIMER While the Clerk has endeavored to ensure the precision of its court records on the web. They don’t include the power court records and are obliging instructive purposes so to speak. Inquiries concerning a specific case should insinuate the Clerk’s office.

Despite web audit of many court records. General society could visit any of the Clerk’s branch work environments to obtain copies from court archives with the exception of if by and large prohibited by court demand, AOSC 14-19, as starting there remedied, Florida Statute, or appropriate court rule. Requests for guaranteed copies of court reports may be setting by using our Research and Copy Request Center.

The Clerk revokes any obligation and makes no depictions or assurances in regards to the quality, precision, content, or zenith of the information or documents contained on this site. Assessing accuracy, immovable nature of information, and fitting use are the commitment of the client. The Clerk won’t commit for any damages coming about because of the use. Or on the other hand maltreatment of the information or chronicles contained on this site. The client agrees to reimburse and hold harmless the Clerk and his agents concerning recuperating or getting to information or pictures from this site.

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In these terms “you” and “your” implies any individual getting to this site. What’s more “we”, our” and “us” suggests BECA Splash Corporate Holdings Limited, 21 Pitt Street, Auckland, New Zealand. This page sets out the terms of permission to and use of this site. By getting to this site you recognize and agree to these terms. In case you don’t agree to these terms, you shouldn’t use this site.

This site

The information on this webpage, including any disseminations and other material open for download (“Information”), is for your general information just and is giving in vain. The Information endlessly isn’t arranging as, counsel on a specific issue or situation.

None of the Information is, or may be relying upon as, legal or other master direction. If you require information on a particular BECA Splash association with which you could deal. Sympathetically contact us or visit the appropriate portion of the site for extra information about us. Presently compassionately note that particular undertakings and furthermore benefits implied on this site have not exactly embraced by the BECA Splash association with which you could contract, nor are organizations available in all areas.

Additionally, this site shows the overall organizations of the BECA Splash get-together of associations. Also, joint undertakings working outer the European Union and doesn’t insinuate the functioning association BCHF (UK) Limited. The Information is giving “without any assurances”, and we make no depiction. Or then again ensure with respect to its accuracy, trustworthiness, plentifulness or satisfaction.

To the uttermost arrives at permitted by guideline, we renounce all ensures (express or recommended) tantamount to this site and the Information on it. It is including (unbounded) ensures as to precision, faithful quality, adequacy, satisfaction or status under any condition and with for all intents and purposes no express or surmised depiction or assurance comparing to any arrangement which may put into. The Information on this site is reliant upon future advancements at whatever point, without notice to you.

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To the farthest arrives at permitted by guideline, we and any excess people and joint undertakings with people from the BECA Splash social affair of associations are not and won’t be dependable to you or another person for any damages, liabilities, disasters (counting, without limitation, loss of advantages, business or data), costs or expenses of any kind. Whether prompt or meandering, which arise out of, result from or regardless interface with our relationship with you. It is including without obstruction your induction to, usage of or reliance on. Or on the other hand inability to access, use or rely upon, this site or possibly its things, any associated site as well as its things, or any association contained in an associated site. Your usage of any information on any associated site is at your own main bet.

You agree to reimburse and keep reimbursed us and any leftover people and joint undertakings with people from the BECA Splash get-together of associations against all damages, liabilities, disasters (counting, without imperative, loss of advantages), costs or expenses of any kind. Whether prompt or underhanded, whether in wrongdoing, arrangement, esteem and so on, It arise out of or result from your permission to or usage of this site in disavowal of these arrangements, or regardless from our relationship with you.

Safeguarded advancement

We or various people from the BECA Splash social event of associations own or are by and large equipped for use all copyright and other safeguarded development honors here and the Information it contains. All honors are held. Yet, to the degree (if any) that we or another person from the BECA Splash social event of associations consent regardless recorded as a printed copy addressed to you. No Information on this site may be repeated, showed, modified, imitated, set aside in a recuperation system, conveyed (in any construction or utilizing all possible means), scattered, used for making auxiliary works or used in another way for business or public purposes. In any case, except for where noticed differently, you could download Information for your own, non-business use on the going with premise:

  1. 1. you hold all copyright and other elite notice on each copy;

2. So you may simply store that Information momentarily;

3. You may simply include that Information in a manner consistent with these terms of direction; and

4. Neither we nor another person from the BECA Splash social occasion of associations grant any safeguarded advancement honors or licenses to any of our image names, brand names, copyright material or other authorized development.


This site is addressed by, and is to be translated according to, New Zealand guideline. Any inquiries interfacing with it will be settled by the New Zealand courts. To the farthest arrives at permitted by guideline, we won’t be responsible for the consistence of this site or any Information contained in it with the laws of any country other than New Zealand whether or not you are getting to the site or any Information contained in it from outside New Zealand. Any such access is notwithstanding all counsel going against the norm and you are obligated for consistence with all guidelines in the country in which you are available.


We assemble, use and deal individual information about you when you use our locales. To sort out more about this, benevolently read our security declaration.

Flyers: From time to time, BECA Splash sends e-announcements which could contain associations with Beca’s site. Mercifully note that BECA Splash will screen use of these associations, and will accumulate general information about its site use, traffic plans, interest for critical things, organizations, workplaces and information and related site information.

BECA Splash – Brevard Electronic Court Application

The Brevard Electronic Court Application (BECA) offers online permission to court records as per Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order 2014-19 and as different starting there. BECA is the exchange for our legacy, eFACTS program.

Headings for Registering for BECA Splash (If not utilizing General Public Case Search) Choice #1: You could Scan and a short time later Email (pdf) the above completed BECA User Agreement to BecaSupport@brevardclerk.us

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