What are eunseo bot commands?

eunseo bot commands

Eunseo is a chatbot created to make online shopping easier. It is used as a assistants for online shoppers on websites such as Amazon and Taobao. The bot can be used to search for products, track orders, and even provide customer service. Eunseo offers a set of customizable commands that allow you to tailor the bot to your specific needs. In this blog post, we will explore what eunseo bot commands are and how they can be used to improve your online shopping experience.

The Eunseo Bot

Eunseo bot commands are a set of instructions that can be use to control the behavior of your Eunseo bot. By default, your Eunseo bot will respond to certain commands that you can issue through the chat interface. However, you can also change the settings of your Eunseo bot to make it more or less responsive to different commands.

To see a list of all available Eunseo bot commands, type “!help” in the chat interface. This will display a list of all available commands and their descriptions.


There are a variety of eunseo bot commands that can be use to perform different actions. Some of the more popular commands include:

!help – This command will bring up a list of all available eunseo bot commands.

!about – This command will provide you with information about the eunseo bot, including its creator and version number.

!ping – This command is use to test if the eunseobot is online and responding. It will return “pong” if it is working correctly.

!uptime – This command will tell you how long the eunseobot has been online for.

!stats – This command will give you some statistics about the eunseobot, including how many messages it has processed and how many users it has served.


Eunseo is a chatbot that helps you with your online shopping. It can provide you with product recommendations, send you updates on your order status, and track your package delivery. You can also use Eunseo to check the prices of products, find coupon codes, and get discounts.

How to get start with the Eunseo Bot

Assuming you have Node.js and npm installed, you can get start with the Eunseo Bot command line tool by following these steps:

1. Clone the eunseo-bot repository from GitHub.
2. Navigate to the newly created directory and install dependencies with npm install.
3. Create a new file called .env in the root directory and populate it with your Slack bot token (see below for more information on obtaining this).
4. Run the bot with node index.js.

That’s it! Your bot should now be up and running, ready to receive commands from you via Slack. To see a full list of available commands, type “help” into your Slack channel when the bot is online.


Overall, the eunseo bot is a great tool that can help you with a variety of tasks. From setting reminders to checking the weather, this bot can make your life a little bit easier. Be sure to check out all of the different commands that it has to offer so that you can get the most out of it.

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