Shows you should be watching in 2022


2022 has been quite the year for TV shows as there were some that had people absolutely glued to their devices. These shows include superhero shows, comedy shows, and even sci-fi shows. In order to stream these shows online, you need to make sure you have agreat internet connection such as Xfinity which would allow you to flawlessly stream all your favorite shows. However, here are some shows that you need to make sure you watch in 2022.

Ms. Marvel

Bringing Pakistani culture to TV, this show is about Kamala Khan who is a girl of Pakistani descent who lives in Jersey City, New Jersey. She is someone who is a huge fan of the Avengers and her personal favorite is Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel. Kamala takes a lot of inspiration from Captain Marvel and wishes to be a superhero just like her. Eventually, Kamala gets hold of a mystical bangle that allows her to have powers from another dimension, turning her into a superhero as well.

She begins referring to herself as Ms. Marvel. The best part about this show is how it features dialogues in the Urdu language and it even features amazing music from Pakistan itself. The show also gives glimpses of Karachi, which is suppose to be Kamala’s home city. Currently, the first season is airing on Disney+ and it has taken the entire world by storm.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things continue this year with season 4 which was split into two volumes. In this season, we find out what the root of all the problems was and who is the person who was responsible for the creation of the Upside Down and why have there been negative creatures create in the Upside Down. We can finally make sense of everything that is happening and it is up to Eleven again to save Hawkins from meeting a very terrible fate. In this season we see Eleven tap into her powers again so that not only can she save Hawkins but more importantly her friends. In this season everyone gets reunite which makes the show a treat to watch.

Peaky Blinders

The sixth season of the series premiered in 2022 and it is a continuity in the life of Tommy Shelby as he continues to lead the Peaky Blinders, a very famous gang in the United Kingdom. Cillian Murphy absolutely kills it again as he continues his role as Tommy Shelby and he continues to take command of the Shelby family. There are quite a few issues that Tommy has to deal with in this season and this season features the death of some very notable characters as well. In this season we learn that Tommy is terminally ill and that could cause problems for the Shelby family if something were to happen to Tommy.

The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor will get its sixth season in October this year. Before that, you need to ensure you catch up with whatever has happened in the show. Just like in the previous seasons, Freddie Highmore has been doing a brilliant job as Doctor Shaun MurphyThe Good Doctor doesn’t just tell his story as a brilliant surgeon but also tells us about his interpersonal relationships with other people and how sometimes his autism makes it difficult for him to communicate with other people. It also tells us the story of his relationship with Leah and how he still manages to fall in love despite having autism and having a hard time communicating with other people.

Locke and Key

Locke and Key will also be renewed for a third and final season in August this year and we will finally be seeing a wrapping up of the series. In the previous seasons, we saw how the Locke family had figured out how to make keys of their own and in the end, someone evil from the past walked into the present and their sinister presence means that they will be the main villain for the last season. We will continue to see the Locke siblings take on whatever comes their way and they need to save Key House and all the keys that they have managed to find inside the house. As they protect the keys, they also need to ensure that the keys don’t fall into the wrong hands under any circumstances.

In Conclusion

These are some shows that you should definitely catch up on. They have a very captivating story and all of them are very well written, to the point that they keep you absolutely hooked and on the edge of your seat.

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