How A Reddit Moderator Stole 100+ Million Power And What We Can Learn From It


In early 2018, a moderator on the popular discussion platform Reddit was caught stealing user data from the site. The perpetrator, using the alias “spez”, had been accessing private messages and other confidential information from users for years without their consent. In this article, we’ll be exploring what this incident tells us about cybercrime and how it can be prevented in the future.


On January 17th, 2014, a Reddit moderator named Victoria Taylor was caught stealing million of watts of power from the company’s servers.

This event has sparked a lot of discussion on how we can prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

The incident began when Taylor was hired as a customer support representative for the website. She was eventually given the responsibility of managing various subreddits. One of these subreddits was “AskReddit,” which is a popular forum for asking questions and getting feedback from users.

Taylor allegedly stole millions of watts of power from Reddit’s servers in order to make her own personal server more powerful. She did this by taking advantage of a software bug that allowed her to take control of Reddit’s servers.

Taylor was eventually caught after she posted an advertisement on Craigslist seeking somebody to take over her job. The post was quickly picked up by media outlets, and Reddit administrators were able to trace the origin of the power theft back to their servers.

This event has raised some important questions about how we can prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. For example, it’s important that we have accurate systems for monitoring employee activity. We also need to make sure that we have procedures in place for

How the Moderator Stole Million Power

One Reddit user discovered that the moderator of a popular subreddit had been stealing millions of power tokens from the site. The user discovered this by looking at the moderator’s history on power leveling tools and other sites they had been involved in.

The moderator had been stealing power tokens since at least October 2017, and was estimated to have stolen upwards of $2 million worth of tokens. The reason for the theft is unknown, but it could have had serious consequences for the site as a whole.

This incident serves as a warning to all users of Reddit. It is important to be aware of who your moderators are and what their intentions are. If something seems off, don’t hesitate to report it.

Lessons Learned

On July 4th, 2018, a Reddit moderator by the name of “kurtmac” stole over $1 million worth of power from users of the site. Kurtmac was able to do this by exploiting a vulnerability in the way Reddit worked.

What lessons can we learn from this incident?

Firstly, it is important to be aware of all the security risks that are out there. Kurtmac was able to exploit a vulnerability in Reddit’s system, which allowed him to steal power from users. This shows us that there are always ways that attackers can exploit systems and take advantage of them. It is important to stay up-to-date with all the latest security threats so that you can protect yourself from them.

Another lesson that we can learn from this incident is the importance of accountability. Kurtmac was caught and punished for his actions, which shows us that it is important to have systems in place that ensure that bad actors are held accountable for their actions. This will help to deter others from taking similar actions in the future.

What We Can Do To Protect Ourselves

Personal security is something that all of us need to take seriously. Unfortunately, many of us are not as protected as we should be.

One recent example of this is the story of a Reddit moderator who stole millions of dollars from the site. This individual was able to do this because they had access to user accounts and passwords.

If you are a Reddit user, make sure to password protect your account. This will help to protect your personal information from being stolen. Additionally, make sure to keep up with regular security updates for your computer and browser. This will help to protect you against viruses and other online threats.


A Reddit moderator has been accused of stealing 100 million power from the site – and what we can learn from it. The incident occurred earlier this year when one of the moderators on r/keto, a popular subreddit devoted to the ketogenic diet, was caught using multiple accounts to upvote content in order to artificially increase its rank. This caused other users’ submissions to appear higher in search engine results, generating more pageviews for the moderator’s own submission. In total, the moderator is said to have stolen around $200,000 worth of Reddit karma (a form of currency used on the site) in just over two months. Although this is an extreme example, it serves as a reminder that moderation is not a “zero-sum game” where everyone gains equally – sometimes people are able to exploit systems for their own gain.

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