GO Dust 2 Map Commonly Used Callouts

GO Dust 2 Map

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a very competitive game. It requires a lot of practice to get good, but it also requires the ability to effectively communicate in order to be successful. If you want to take your CSGO game to the next level, you need to know the most common callouts for the iconic Dust 2 map. Good communication is essential in CSGO and knowing all of the common callouts for each map can help you work as a team more effectively and secure victories more easily. In this article, we will be exploring some of the most commonly used callouts on the GO Dust 2 map so that you can become a better CSGO player!

Callouts for Counter-Terrorists

As a Counter-Terrorist, it is important to be aware of the common callouts used on the Dust map in order to communicate effectively with your team.

A “stack” refers to when all players on a team group up close together in one spot. This is often done at the beginning of a round to gain control of an area quickly.

The “catwalk” is the long, narrow walkway that runs along the outside of the map. It is a good place to set up ambushes or snipe enemies from afar.

The “bombsite A” or “bombsite B” are the two areas on the map where the bomb can be planted. There are often many choke points leading into these areas, so it is important to be aware of enemy positions when defending them.

The “connector” is the pathway connecting bombsite A and bombsite B. It is a dangerous place to be caught in the open, so use caution when traversing it.

The “upper tunnel” is the tunnel leading from bombsite A to connector. It provides cover from enemies coming from connector, but can also be used by shrewd players to ambush those same enemies.

The “lower tunnel” leads from bombsite B to connector and shares many of the same characteristics as upper tunnel.

Callouts for Terrorists

1. Callouts for Terrorists

When it comes to calling out potential terrorists, there are a few key phrases that you can use to help identify them. Here are some common callouts for terrorists:

– “Allahu Akbar” – This is a phrase that is commonly used by terrorists and it means “God is great”.

– “Jihad” – This is another common terrorist callout which means “holy war”.

– “Death to America/the West” – this is a rallying cry for many terrorists groups and individuals and indicates their hatred for America and the Western world.

If you hear any of these phrases being shouted or see them written down, it’s important to report it to the authorities immediately as it could be an indication of an impending terrorist attack.

Other Common Callouts

There are other common callouts that you may see on the GO Dust Map, but these are not as commonly used as the ones listed above. Here is a brief explanation of each:

-AOI: Area of Interest. This is usually used to designate an area that you want to focus on.
-Hotspot: A high traffic or dangerous area.
-Spawn Point: The location where players spawn when they join a match.
-Camping Spot: A good spot to set up camp and ambush enemies.
-Drop Spot: A good place to drop items for allies.
-Extraction Point: The location where players must go to win the match.


Knowing the commonly used callouts on the GO Dust 2 map can help you communicate effectively with your team while playing Counter Strike Global Offensive. Being familiar with these callouts will also give you a sense of confidence as you navigate through the map, making it easier for you to move around quickly and anticipate what your opponents might be doing. With practice, using these callouts will become second nature, allowing you to focus more on tactics rather than memorizing coordinates.

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