‘365 Days – Part 2’ – What to expect from Netflix’s ‘Novel’ sequel?

365 Days

The full-length movie “365 Days” had its Netflix debut last year to mixed reviews. The movie’s abrupt climax has left many perplexed among the contentious issues and steamy muuuuy moments. Will there be a sequel after all? In order to assist you, CinePOP has created a brief guide (including spoilers) that will help you comprehend what will happen in the potential sequel.

1 – Will there really be a sequel?

Although reports have it that actress Anna Maria Sieklucka has confirmed the news on her Instagram account, we still don’t know if “365 Days” will have a sequel. Remember that the movie is based on the trilogy of books by Blanka Lipinska with the original titles “365 DNI,” “Tem dzien,” and “Kolejne 365 DNI” that are titled similarly. None of Brazil’s publishers have released the books.

When will the suite be made available?

It is safe to assume that the film’s production should not begin until 2021 owing to the coronavirus pandemic, despite the rumour that the film’s lead actress, Anna Maria Sieklucka, announced the sequel to “365 days” on her Instagram account. You must be able to comprehend as there is so much physical interaction between the actors in the film.

3. Laura passed away at the movie’s conclusion?

The tragic conclusion of “365 days” implies that Laura perishes in a plot by Massimo’s relatives to assassinate her. We already know she survives (although there are books that recount the entire tale), because you can’t just kill the girl straight away, can you? We can, however, foresee that the attack will severely disturb Laura and Massimo’s relationship and act as a wake-up call for the young woman who, while in love, has not yet grasped that she is mixing with a mafia.

4 – Is the upcoming movie set in Italy?

Yes, this is already verifiable in the event of further development. The majority of the scenes were film in Italy, where Massimo resides, despite the fact that the production was Polish and the language of the movie was half Polish and half English. Since Italy was one of the global epicentres of COVID-19, if there was a sequence, the scenes would continue to be record there, necessitating a delay in the production of the sequence until at least 2022.

5 — much hotter scenes

The threat of losing her lover for good sparks the carnal relationship between Massimo and Laura, possibly as a result of the risk of death Laura faced at the conclusion of the first feature film. The extremely real sex sequences between the two should be even more passionate and take up more of the next movie, if there is one.

6 – The competing family

Remember how Laura decided to dance and antagonise an unidentified man in the club in the first movie as a rebellious move in an effort to enrage Massimo? Considering Laura to be Massimo’s weak spot, the rival family must intensify the violence even if the attack has already occurred. Thus, it’s probable that the main character would be held captive by the antagonists for a considerable amount of time, leaving Massimo to save his young daughter in a manner reminiscent of “Romeo and Juliet,” blending chivalric romances.

7 – Massimo will become a father.

Fast enough for us viewers to hardly notice, Laura conveys the news to her best friend. However, Laura was about to tell Massimo over the phone that she was expecting when she was attack. After some recovery time, Laura must finally tell her partner the news, which we can already assume he won’t take well since he thought he would have Laura’s little frame to enjoy for a very long time. Massimo’s response is probably going to produce a split in their relationship, and this might be how the antagonistic family manages to kidnap the protagonist.

8 – The enormous potential

Massimo seemed to adore Laura and would sacrifice anything for her, despite his grimace. Massimo will likely make a significant sacrifice for Laura knowing that she is in danger, and after having his beloved back in his arms, he will realise that he is now a father and that he must adjust his position for his new family. Scheduled to repeat his marriage vow to Laura at the conclusion of the new movie, and Laura is anticipated to stick around for the trilogy’s concluding chapter.

Of course, this is merely speculative plotting; without the Portuguese-language editions of the books and without Netflix confirming a potential continuation of “365 days,” all we viewers can do is speculate on how the narrative may progress. What do you think, then? Will “365 days” have a follow-up?

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